How To Start a Clothing Brand in 2023

How To Start a Clothing Brand in 2023

If you're eager to start a clothing brand, you might be wondering where to begin, how long it will take, and what kind of profits you can expect. In this blog post, we'll address all of these questions and guide you through 10 essential steps to launch a successful clothing brand. 

Before we begin… a disclaimer

This is not going to be a guide on “How to get rich quick with a clothing brand” Nope, sorry buddy. No no no, we are talking about building a real and quality brand, built on core values and excellent systems. A brand so good that it will not only help you reach your financial goals, but even outlive you. Starting a clothing brand has begun to be glamorized as this “easy way to get rich overnight”. Now, this is definitely possible, but heavily relies on luck. If it was easy, everyone would do it. 

Let's get into it! Step one: 

Starting a clothing brand can be an exciting and rewarding venture. To ensure success in the competitive fashion industry, follow these key steps:

1. Define your brand identity

Before diving into the clothing business, you gotta to define your brand identity. Figure out a name for your brand. If you're struggling with choosing a name check out our post on How to Choose a Name. Next, determine your target audience, what sets you apart from others, and brand values. This will help you create a strong foundation for your clothing brand.

2. Research competitors

Identify where other brands are falling short, and how you can provide more value to your audience. Conduct thorough research on competitors to identify areas where they are not meeting customer needs or expectations.

3. Design or Hire

Work on designs you will release. It's beneficial to learn yourself to save money but not required. Utilize photoshop, canva, illustrator - essential skills that save money but require time to learn. Hire a designer if you don't want to spend time to learn, we have a list of trusted designers on our site! 

To ensure a successful first release, it's recommended to hire a designer while also dedicating time to develop your own designs. If you're new to design, it may take some time before you can create sellable designs. It's best to start with an experienced designer to ensure a strong initial release.

4. Establish your brand's online presence

Start with Tiktok, Instagram, and a website. Don't stress about other platforms if you're just starting out. These three are enough for success. Be consistent with daily posts on Tiktok for fast growth. 

Share your products and information about the release on Instagram. Consider paying to be featured on fashion content pages for increased exposure or utilize Instagram's boost post feature.

When creating a website we suggest using Shopify. Their templates make it very simple to create a functional website. Start with a minimalist approach to save time and reduce stress. If you want a more exciting look, you can purchase custom shopify themes online. Or hire a website designer on Fiverr. 

5. Find a Manufacturer

Alibaba is your best friend for bulk manufacturing. Check out our post on finding a manufacturer here

6. Marketing

Once you have a product, it's time to promote it. Make sure to post at least once per day on TikTok and share quality pictures of the product on Instagram. Post pictures of the product itself, as well as people wearing it.

Before the release, consider using Instagram's boost feature to reach a larger audience. We suggest boosting your posts for a week leading up to the release. Allocate a minimum of $5 daily, and if your budget allows, consider increasing it to broaden your reach. By conducting thorough market research, you should be well-equipped to select the appropriate target audience.

7. Focus on customer experience

Deliver exceptional customer service and prioritize customer satisfaction. Respond to customers comments or DM's. Show them that you are there to help them and that you aren't just trying to take their money. 

8. Monitor and adapt


Keep an eye on your competitors and the overall market. Continuously strive to be ahead of the industry trends, enabling you to adapt instead of being overwhelmed.

Remember that this industry is constantly changing, and what works today will not work tomorrow. Never stop learning, those who believe they've mastered it are in deep trouble.

9. Welcome failure

Starting a clothing brand requires commitment, persistence, and a sincere love for fashion. Expect countless failures and embrace them as valuable lessons to enhance your business. Failures always offer opportunities for growth. Next time you find yourself struggling with a failure, remember Thomas J. Watson's words:

“Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really: double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember, that’s where you will find success.” 


Embrace risk-taking, learn from failure, and continually adapt to achieve success. Comment if you learned anything and recommend our next topic!

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