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What is a wholesale account and who is it for?

Wholesale accounts are for people who order blank clothes in bulk. By ordering in bulk you receive a wholesale discount. For example, a T-Shirt may retail at $15, but if you ordered 50pcs, you might only pay $5.

Wholesale prices will vary per company based on many factors like fabric weight, styles, where it's manufactured, and much more. 

How do I get a wholesale account? 

Generally, to apply for a wholesale account you must have a registered business. To register your business you will have to pay a business filing fee, which generally ranges from $100-200. To apply, navigate to the websites below and find the wholesale section where there will be an application. It is a short questionnaire that asks you basic questions about your business and your needs. It shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to complete. 

If you don't have a registered business yet don't worry, we included several websites that offer wholesale prices without needing an account. 

Does a wholesale account cost money?


How long will it take to get approved?

Generally 1-2 days. Upwards of 1 week. See individual sites for details.

Is it hard to get approved?

In our experience no. A registered business is typically necessary to be approved. Having a website & socials definitely helps too. If you get denied don't worry, you can always re-apply later.


Los Angeles Apparel

Pros: Boxy & Baggy clothes, Loads of colors to choose, Tons of products, Made In USA, Vintage Styles, Tear off tags

Cons: More expensive than other options

Overall: Super great choice. A little expensive but not too bad. Great quality.


MADE Blanks

Pros: Good prices, Baggy Styles, No MOQ, Vintage Styles, Organic Cotton

Cons: Less options, they do offer a full-zip hoodie tho!

Overall: Another great choice for branks. Organic cotton makes it much better for the environment. Not as many products and colors to choose as LA Apparel, but cheaper


Rue Porter

Pros: Highest quality blanks on the market, Plenty of options for shirts, hoodies, and zip ups

Cons: Expensive, Known for bad customer service

Overall: These are luxury blanks, if you can afford it you won't regret it. Best for luxury brands with higher prices


Shaka Wear

Pros: Very good prices, Great streetwear pieces, Tons of products

Cons: MOQ of 3 or 6 per size, longer processing times, Sewn-In labels

Overall: Kings of streetwear blanks. Great quality, silhouettes, and prices. Sewn-In tags are annoying. MOQ can be a barrier for beginner brands. Great option for streetwear brands



Pros: No wholesale account needed, Cheapest option on this list

Cons: Not streetwear style, Lower Quality

Overall: These them Walmart blanks. You're not gonna find boxy or heavy shirts here, but you will find $2 shirts or $10 hoodies

Pro Tip: The Alstyle/American Apparel 1301 is the best blank you'll find on here, very popular in the streetwear world. As low as $2.80. Gildan hoodies are a good starting point too.


These are just a few of your options, some more wholesalers we know are: Velour Garments, WATC Studio, Independent Trading Co, Alibaba, Shirt Space, Original Favorites, Sixelar, UNBND Blanks, BlanksLab, House of Blanks, Maison Empty, BlanksBySM, OpenTip, Clothing Shop Online, Superline Wholesale, Blank Knights, 7th Earth Studios, AllDayShirts, Blank Apparel, Independent Trading Co, and AS Colour.

The list could go much longer, as there are hundreds of wholesalers out there. The 5 we showed are some of our favorites, but many of the ones listed above are equally as good. It all depends on your unique brand. Do some research and find out which is best for you!

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